Good morning gueststeam leadersand competitors

First of all, I represent the world mathematics team championship organizing committee to show a warm welcome to you. Specially, we need to send our kind greetings to the team leaders, coaches, and competitors who come from the United States, Bulgaria, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries. It’s toiful for you!

With the support and concern of the China association for science and technology, due to the hard work of each participating countries and regions, because of WMTC organizing committee staff’s rigorous and efficient work, today, the third World Mathematics Team Championship opens successfully!Right nowI need to show sincere thanks to the people who makes effort or contribution to WMTC.

Just in this hall, we successfully held the first and the second WMTC in the last 2 years with seventy three and sixty three teams participated. The number of the participating teams is up to 92 this year, it is much more than the last two years.Among them, there are fifty-eight teams from the twenty-three cities of mainland China, such as Beijing, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Changchun, Nanning, Shijiazhuang and so on.11 teams come from China Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong.23 teams come from the following nine countries, the United States, Bulgaria, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei Sudan and Malaysia.

We are from different countries or regions, but for a common goal, we travel thousands of miles to meet in Beijing .This common goal is: in order to pursue the truth, kindness and beauty of mathematics, in order to in adolescent the popularity of mathematics, enhance our understanding, establishing the cooperation relationship and develop our friendship. It contacts us together.

In this opening ceremony  I‘d like to say several sentences to all the 563 competitors who participate in WMTC this year.

First of all, you are real master of WMTC, all our staff should serve you well.Second, before you came to Beijing, you had already passed strict selection and training. Therefore, the fact you can come to Beijing has proved that you are the winners.

You will stay in Beijing at least four days, during these days, you will take part in three competitions which are strictly, lively and interesting, and you will show your maths ability and wisdom, psychological endurance and the spirit of unity and cooperation.After the competition, Professor Michael Hutchings from the United States of the University of California, Berkeley will give you an interesting vivid report.In addition, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your peers who come from different countries with different cultural background. You can live and learn together ,even appreciate the spirit of the ancient capital Beijing.You will leave your young foot print here, and these four days will be a memorable experience during your life.

Ancient Chinese philosopher once said: " Reading a lot is not as good as walking a lot.
", it means for a person, what he or she experienced and practiced is as important as 
reading and learning .Three hundred years ago, there were two individuals in China,  by 
walking a lot they became great scientists, they were pharmacologist Li ShiZhen  and 
geographer Xu Xiake. There was a scientist who was the founder of Darwin's  theory of
 evolution was also a shining example of walking a lot.The future of the world belongs  to 
the teenagers; I sincerely hope and believe that, Among competitors of WMTC  each 
yearthere must be someone  become great academic person in the futurewho can  
promote the development of human civilizationjust like Li Shizhen Xu Xiakeand 

You are expected to receive medals when you come to take part in WMTC, but I want to tell you, to measure whether you are successful, it is not just a medal, it only shows the past, if you can get inspiration and encouragement during these four short days, know how to learn effectively, gain greater progress and success in learning,  this will be a lifetime wealth.

As we all know, future belongs to the ambitious youth. Wish you success, thank you.



  • Chairman's Speech at the Opening Ceremony 2012


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