WMTC Organizing Committee Responsibilities


1.Provide guidance, direction, and control to WMTC.

2. Provide suggestions and proposals to improve the operation of WMTC.

3.  Monitor WMTC in achieving the stated objectives and provide suggestions and proposals to refine and to achieve       these objectives.
4.  Assist in promote and expand WMTC to areas near each member’s own regions.



                                       WMTC Oganizing Committee Members

Mr. Zhou Guozhen (China)

Chairman of Committee of Hope Cup National Mathematics Competition
President, Chief Editor of World of Mathematics and Physics Journal
Executive Member at Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economics
Chief Director of Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economics,Committee of Mathematics Education

Prof. Quan K. Lam(United States)
Co-Founder & Co-Chairman
Co-Chairman for International Division of American Regions Math
University of California Office of the President
Adjunct Professor Diablo Valley College
Lecturer at MSRI/Berkeley Math Circle
Borislav Yordanov Lazarov(Bulgaria)
Ph.D. ,Bulgariacommitteen Academy of Sciences.
Associate Professor of Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Expert in mathematics education.
Wu Chon Meng(Macao)
Director of Mathematics Department in Pui Ching Middle School
Surya Wijaya(Indonesia)
M.Sc., National University of Singapore
Math teacher of Surya Institute.(Indonesia)
Rechilda P. Villame(Philippines)
Executive Board Member, Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP)
Private Schools Coordinator, MTAP
Vice President, International Mathematics Contest Union Councils
Do Duc Thai (Vietnam)
Ph.D & Dr.Sc. of the Hanoi National University of Education
Professor of Mathematics of the Hanoi National University of Education

Leung (Pinky) Sui Ping (Hong Kong)
Principal of Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School
Principal of Hong Kong School of Mathematics
Organizing Committee Chairlady of Hong Kong Primary Mathematical Olympiad Competition
Vice-president of International Mathematics Contest Union(IMC )
Phumithep Klungurai (Thailand)
Committee Member of WMTC
Yee Kim Hoong(Malaysia)
Chairman, E Mathematics Olympiad System
Qi Mingxin (China)
Person in charge at Hope Cup Math Invitational Beijing Division
Chief coach for ARML China Team for 3 years
Brenda Zhou (Canada)
Committee Secretary
Chief Editor, World of Math and Physics Journal
Deputy Secretary, Hope Cup Math Invitational Committee


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